Carrie Duckworth

Carrie Duckworth

Carrie is one of the owners and the manager of Advantage BJJ Martial Arts & Fitness. She has been training in BJJ since 2013 and is currently a blue belt with multiple accolades. Prior to Martial Arts she was also on the Houston Roller Derby as a Jammer on the All Star team Hard Knocks as well as the Brawlers.  She is a Cross Fit alumni and a TRX Certified coach. CPR certified with over 10 years in the nursing field. NAGA 12/13/14 Gold Adult White Light NOGI Gold Adult White Light GI   NAGA 3/29/14 Gold Adult White Middle GI Gold Adult White Middle NOGI   Gold White Light NOGI Gold  Adult Blue Middle GI   NEWBREED 6/21/14 Gold Adult White Middle Gi Gold Adult White Middle No GI   NEWBREED 11/14/15 Gold Adult Blue Middle Gold Adult Blue Heavy Gold Adult Int. NOGI Middle Gold Adult Int.NOGI Heavy   TOC 1/9/16 Bronze Adult Blue Middle GI   HOUSTON OPEN 2/20/16 Gold Masters Blue Middle GI   GRAND PRIX GRAPPLING  4/16/16 Gold Adult Blue Middle GI Silver Absolute ALL BELT/RANK   *CPR Certified *TRX Level 1 Suspension Training Certified - TRX Qualified

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