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Q5 Combat “Launch Fuel”- A First Look

Advantage BJJ is a proud retailer of Origin® Warrior® and Q5®. If you are in the market for superior supplements Q5 has something for everyone. One of our favorites is Launch Fuel and here is why. Read this well written review below from our friends at ———————————————————————————————– I was a competitive power lifter and…

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Can’t Breath!

Ever Had to Tap From Bad Cardio? Courtesy of BJJWeekly So why is it that 5 or 10 minutes after dragging your sorry carcass off the mat you can roll again? How much of that feeling of being utterly exhausted is physical, and how much is in your mind? South African researcher Tim Noakes…

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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Alliance’s Raul and Roberto Jimenez

  TXMMA Technique of the Week – Alliance’s Raul and Roberto Jimenez     Father-Son duo just two members of a complete family that lives the BJJ lifestyle 24/7   SPRING, TX – If you’ve been involved with the Texas BJJ scene in any way, shape or form, chances are you’re familiar with…

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How to Resume BJJ after Injury

Have you ever been bummed after an injury in BJJ? (I raise my hand) If not you’re fortunate to have dodged that bullet, for now at least. For the rest of us getting back on the mats as soon as possible is top priority.  No matter how strong or flexible you are, any athlete who…

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