Celebrities who train Jiu Jitsu

If you are like most people, when you are looking for an effective workout you look to celebrity trainers for advice and inspiration. After all, celebrities often have the hardest, fittest physiques and their jobs depend on looking great and being in shape for whatever their next role demands. One of the hottest trends in…

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The First Female Black Belt

Duarte’s list of accolades in our sport is tremendous, not just on the mats, but outside of them as well. Unfortunately for us, her career drifted her away from jiu jitsu, but wherever she went, and whatever she dedicated her resources too, she was heard and respected. A winner on all accounts and a great…

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Hydration is Everything

Between breathing, sweating and using the restroom, your body loses water every day. Proper hydration is critical to maintaining normal functionality and peak athletic performance. Water content can come from both beverages and foods, however, without the proper consumption of liquids, your body can begin to shut down through dehydration resulting in fatigue, reduced coordination,…

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